Session I: It begins

With great trepidation I approve the tavern. It’s been a long couple of months trying to avoid my father and sister, and it’s been anything except quite. Even though the wedding has been delayed, it seems that there is more of a fuss than every surrounding the event, now that my father believes that the empire has a ‘special interest’ over the proceedings.
I fayed enthusiasm for my sister and this celebration, fully aware of her sins and Bak Nath’s threats. Most of my free time, which can be counted in minutes seems to be spent with my mother, and her library studying magic and preparing for my secret mission. I fear she may suspect something, however she is quite busy herself preparing for her daughter’s wedding.
I booked passage on a cargo ship, my father wanted to commishen a royal vessel, but with the wedding, and dowry to consider it was easy to convince him to save his money. I arrived at the harbor of Quoom with little fanfare.
A short stroll to the inner harbor, I spotted the tavern and quickly ordered a drink and a smoke. Slinks and patrons filled the busy tavern, creating a lively atmosphere. Belegeared over my situation, I was very will to delay my meeting with the emperors’ agent. I managed to talk to the local patrons and inquire about local events. Several customers confided in me concerns about a resent spree of strangulations. Apparently there have been more than a couple townspeople found dead, apparently strangled with no signs of trouble. Although truly interested in their plight, I realized that my interest was spurred by my apprehension toward my mission at hand.
As if inspired by the turmoil inside me, a Slink suddenly shouted out something about freedom, and ‘bitches’, tossing an expensive, and rather full looking coin purse at the bartender. He, and his fellow Slinks all squeaked and roared as they threw down their trays and left the tavern in what I can only describe as a ruckus commotion. Still thirsty, I continued my conversation with the patrons.
However, as the Slinks cleared I saw Bak Nath head upstairs with a serious looking young noble, a member of the Ribindree clan. My apprehension grew hopefully this dragon lover was not included in the special group that Bak Nath had been forming.
Things did not get any better as I saw a short, hooded figure; waddle while a dirty savage who I assume was a lady. almost dragging him up the steps. Putting down my drink, I decided it was time for me to quit procrastinating and get my mission underway.
I was already feeling guilty before reaching the door. My family prides itself with its tolerance, and I realize that my dour attitude is affecting my judgment. Knocking on the door I wonder what Bak Nath holds against these poor creatures that have made them travel so far from their homes.

As enter the room I see a confident Bak Nath sitting next to small humaniod who I could now identify as a Scree. The Scree gave me a quick look as I sat, but otherwise seemed very interested in Bak Nath’s coinpurse. The Savage, whom I’d still guessing is a woman sat at the right of the door, could probably make a goblin’s eye tear up with just her smell alone. But there was an obvious confidence in her, and beneath some furs I could make out a very ordenent set of breast plate crafted from what appeared to be green dragon scales. Origanally I pegged her as a barbarian of some sort, but the ruins on her weapon, and armor, and the purposefully way she carried herself makes me think she is a druid of some sort.

On the other side of the door Ribindrian sat. He was clearly maked as some sort of noble by his dragon crest, and eligent manner. His eyes were keen, and I had a feeling he already felt me up before I even entered the room. This was definetly a man who not only has seen battles, but has been bred to lead them as well.

Arowidth, the Ribindrian was the first to introduce himself. Although I knew he was a noble of some sort, I was a bit supprised that he was, like myself, the first son of his household. What sort of game is Bak Nath playing, two household hiers in one room, already.

Noc, the Scree introduced himself next. His introduction was short and simple, he said he was good at being unseen. While the savage, Taura introduced herself as a druid, doing her duty to protect the lands.

When it was my turn to introduce myself I was anything but curtious. These people seemed like fine folk, all be it a bit more uncivil than I’m used to seeing at court. I didn’t even try to hide my resentment towards Bak Nath as I stared at him and introduced myself as son of father, and her to do what Bak Nath asks. My father would be upset with me, as he would often preach that in court,“you keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer”.

Bak Nath told us of ruins discovered just a days travel to the north. These ruins have special magic that he doesn’t want the different families fighting over, so he wanted us to recover anything special, and return them to him. He said the ruins were full of aura aberrations, and gave us a bag of gold and gems to prepare for our mission. We all agreed to meet the next morning, equipt ourselves for the journey, and head out.

Traveling the next day was unevenful, until midday when we spoted a plum of smoke in the air. Noc fly out to investigate while I followed shortly behind.
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Quests open

Flash Backs

The House of Sinhouk was abuzz. My sister(?) was to be married to a noble in the upcoming days. The merging of our families was very much desired, my father has planned it since my sisters birth, it would be his shinning achievement. Despite the chaos that surrounded me. Until Phil landed on my shoulder, and told me that there was someone here to see me. My familiar served as a too real reminder of my duty to the empire, as my father would say, “empire before life, wealth, and family.".

I tried my best to ignore Phil’s squawks, however when one of our servants came and told me an empirical representative was here to see me I could no longer pretend to be just Jeter, it was time to be Jeter Sinhouk, first son of father, and dutiful servant of the empire.

I entered the reception hall I with great trepidation. I often fantasized of leaving behind my empire, and family and studying magic in the monastery. My mother was a powerful sorcerer, before my father choose her, would often encourage my talent. As a child she would put me to bed by telling me fantastical stories of her mystical exploits. As I matured and showed more and more talent, she would serve as my personal mentor. Although my father openly encouraged this “great gift” I always saw a ting of sadness in his eye as I would demonstrate a ‘new skill’. As I saw this green skinned man, I knew why he was sad to see my powers grow.
The empire had the right to recruit welders of Aura, to help protect, and serve the best interests of Sharda. Even though they typically recruited members from monasteries it was not uncommon for them to recruit citizens who demonstrated sufficient skill in the mystical arts. With my mother being an accomplished Auraphant I probably was being watched before I could even smoke a huka.
This agent of the empire, belonged to Green House, as evident of his skin tone. I tried my best to meet him warmly, although I’m not sure I could hide my disingenuous greeting. He seemed not to notice, as he shook my arm, and quietly asked if we could have some privacy. This seemed odd to me, since it was deemed a great honor to be recruited into the empirical army, and secrecy was not needed. I hesitated for a fraction of a second as my dread changed to curiosity, perhaps I wasn’t destined to leave my family after all, before I motioned the house servants out of the room.
Bak Nath introduced himself as an agent for the Green House told me they had need of my services. He wanted me to deceive my father, by telling I had indeed been drafted, and run a secretive mission for him. Although I was relieved to hear I would not be joining the empire’s army, that brief feeling of relief grew to anger as I realized that I was not being asked to serve Sharda, I, firstborn son of dad, Lord Sinhouk, was being asked to deceive my family, and go on a ‘mission’, not for the empire, but for this lowly agent.

Being first born son of a house whose influence was about to expand tenfold, I had many duties that I had to attend to, and idea of being recruited into the empire was not desired by, but at the very least it would be an honor to me, and my house. Serving as this agents slave was something that nether appealed to me, or helped my family, and deceiving my father, outright unacceptable.
I politely explained to Bak Nath that I appreciated his honor, but with upcoming events, and obligations to my family I’d have to decline doing his errands. Fist clench, and eyes blinking were subtle clues that pointed towards his annoyance, he was not a man used to being denied a request. After a moment’s hesitation, stared daggers into my eyes and explained to me what would happen if I was unable to perform this task for him.
He explained that my sister had an illicit affair, and it would be a shame if her betrothed and the empire found out. If true, news of this affair, would end any wedding plans, cause a rift between our houses, and be a great dishonor to our family. Anger and disbelief filled my head as he continued to explain that the empire could delay and cancel the wedding, and even show disapproval over our ‘unfaithful’ family. It would be a shame to see such a fate come to what was once an honorable house, he explained.
I tried to hold my distain, showing little emotion as I coldly agreed to his ‘mission’. He required that I travel to Quoom, in six months time, as he assembled a group. After he was done explaining to me what needed to be done, as protocol demanded I invited him to an evening feast, and called for a servant to show him his room.
After leaving his company I made my way to my little sister. She was in her quarters discussing wedding plans with her handmaids. I angrily ordered them to leave and told my sister i had an urgent matter to discuss with her. I told her about my encounter with Bak Nath and demanded that she tell me if she was indeed a dishonorable slut. Tears filled her eyes as she admitted her guilt, I heard her sobbing, and clamoring hysterically, as I hastily left her quarters, fully enraged.
That night a feast held in honor of our guest, Bak Nath, I tried my best to hide my distain for both him and my unusually quite, and solemn sister. As drinks were being served Bak Nath made an announcement or rather two of them.
First he was proud to say that, Jeter, firstborn of dad was to be given the honor to serve and train with his emperors army. Although I noticed a forlorn look from my mother, this was quickly replaced by a factious look of pleasure that almost mirrored the audience as they clamored their excitement with this glorious news, and drank as a tribute to the empire. Bak Nath came over and patted me on the back, with a wide grin, and then returned to his seat. Before sitting he made his second announcement, the emperor has taken a special interest in this wedding, and has requested it be delayed for 1 year so it can receive that proper respect and attention of the empire. This announcement was greeted by stunned silence, and the room was soon filled with excitement, as a wedding given special attention from the empire was a great honor. I overhead more than one conversation that after the wedding we would rival the great houses…..

In the months that followed I stayed to myself, as much as my position would allow, preparing for the ‘mission’ that awaited me.


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